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Cimilre / Spectra - Breast shield 28mm insert 24mm silicone massage cushion ( Breast Pump Spare parts / accessories) Cimilre F1 / Cimilre S3 / Cimilre S5

RM 11.00

Cimilre Replacement new part 

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Package Details


    RM33  - Breast Shield 28mm (funnel only)

    RM11 - Cimilre silicone valve (1pc)

    RM18 - Cimilre silicone massage cushion 24mm x 1pc

    RM28 - Cimilre Backflow Protector

✔️Cimilre Valve Suitable All Spectra Pump You’ll need to replace your silicone parts, such as valves and backflow protectors, most frequently because over time their elasticity wears down. Plan on replacing duck valves every 2 – 3 months, valve membranes (if you’re using them) every 1 – 2 months, and backflow protectors every 3 – 6 months. 

Each Valve will last around 2-3 months (less if exclusively expressing), and are an item that requires replacement over time. If you notice that your breast pump seems to have less suction or you are expressing less milk, the valve should be the first thing you check. 🔴 Bubbles Wrap Packing 

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