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Lamoon : Organic Nipple & Lip Balm 10g for breastfeeding mothers

RM 29.90


We understand the feelings of the mother and in order to keep our happy times together, we want to share with our first  Lip Balm  Organic for a good nipple and lips. Mother and baby safety.



  • Organic nipple and lip balm
  • Rich in Shea butter with Allantoin Vitamin E from nature.
  • It protects and moisturizes sensitive skin.
  • Relieve the dry crack of the nipple and lips. 
  • Organic Jojoba Oil makes the skin soft, easy to sticky.
  • Sweet Almond Oil reduces irritation. Helps maintain the oil on the skin. Skin is smooth and soft.
  • Olive Oil makes the skin soft, smooth, moisturizing.
  • Food Grade Ingredients do not need to be wiped off. Before Breastfeeding
  • Free of Phenoxyethanol May cause vomiting, nausea.
  • Can be used as a safe lip balm if the child accidentally swallowed.

Packing : 10g / Tube

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