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Baby Walker , Baby Toddler Belt , Baby Harness Assistant Toddler Leash for Kids Learning Walking Baby Belt Child Safety Harness Assistant

RM 29.90

This is innovative for baby, baby support, while learning to walk and is beneficial for baby and parents
The colorful, padded strap has adjustable straps to go for phase 1 and phase 2 of learning - position 

1- in the baby is just learning to balance, hands-free and position

 2- where balance and stability improves and baby shows the desire to go And explore!

Baby credit more naturally at hands free and has fewer fall. Baby gets a feeling of freedom and control, and so creates confidence
Adjustable parent height thus reduces back pain from the back! Make sure that the plastic locks are tighten

Keep your young one safe and help develop leg muscles with this walk assistant.

Soft material harness attaches under your child's arms, while the straps help you control their movement

  • Minimum :19" Chest Circumference (around  age -6 month)
  • Maximum:26" Chest Circumference (around age-3-4 years)
  • Material: cotton, sponge, with plastic closure buckle
  • Use ONLY on flat,non-slick surfaces.