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枸杞子 Natural Wolfberry - XL 160g

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功效:补肝益肾 · 明目益精 · 养颜润肤 

特点:大粒 肉质饱满 香甜 产品介绍 

成分: 枸杞 

制作方式: 无硫磺 

保质期: 一年六个月 

原产地: 中国 · 宁夏 

烹调方法/食用方法 此枸杞肉质饱满和香甜,可以直接食用。 


 使用分量: 大约10-15g 适合人士 儿童,青少年,成年,孕妇,老年人。

 小知识 据史料记载,枸杞兴食用至今已有四千年的历史,上至皇帝御用养生,下至民间百姓良方。 注意事项 虫出没注意!本产品源自天然生长,经晒干或烘干后,仍有可能出现虫蛀或发霉。 储存方法 密封防晒,干燥防异味。如预算超过30天才食用完,建议冷藏(0-8°C)保存。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfberry is the fruit of Chinese Fructus. It is mainly produced in NingXia and XinJiang, China and definitely the fine grade of wolfberry are in NingXia, China. 

Efficacy: Nourish the liver and kidney · Improve eye functions · Bring about youthful complexion 

Specialty: Large size/ Meaty and plump/ Sweet taste 

Product Details Ingredient: Wolfberry 

Production Procedure: UNSULPHURED 

Best Before: 1 Year 6 Months 

Origin: China · NingXia 

Direction to use :  This is meaty and sweet, can be eat directly. 

Can also use to brew, cook or stew 

Amount to use: Approx. 10-15g 

Suitable for Elderly, Adults, Teenagers, Pregnant women, Children.

Tips According to the history record, Wolfberry has more than 4 000 years of history in plantation and it used to be a royal nourishing ingredient for the Emperor and common people. Notice Beware of Worms! This product is derived from natural growth. After drying, there may still be worms or mould. Storage Method Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid from sunlight. If assumed need over 30 days to consume the product, suggested keep in fridge (0-8°C) to store.