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(1 Piece) Blue Bubble Toilet Cleaner Automatic Flushing Toilet Spirit Toilet Cleaner Toilet Deodorant Block

RM 0.20

  1. Very suitable for home use, small and convenient.
  2. Novelty, practical, not too fancy, practical.
  3. It brings infinite and fun to family life, and is a good helper for housewives.
  4. Clean and thorough.

Remove the odor, the product itself has a light fragrance It can keep the toilet clean, but the original dirt needs to be cleaned manually;

specification:  Gross Weight:50(g)

Color:as the picture show

   1. Remove odor.  2. Perfect clean toilet.  3. Toilet good helper. 4. Fresh air.  5. Environmental sanitation.

Package Included:  1*Toilet deodorant
Product type: Cleaning Products & Fresheners for Toilets