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Baby Cucciolo Diaper cream 20ml ( italy )

RM 16.90

Forms barrier to protect skin from irritation

For babies and adults with/prone to rashes (diaper/sweat/urine/pad)
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Effectively prevents skin irritation

Contains 20% Shea Butter and 13% Zinc Oxide, forming protection layer on skin

How To Use : 

    - Adults:  Apply cream thinly onto affected area as needed after wash.

    - Babies:  Wash and dry affected area thoroughly. Apply cream evenly at each nappy change.

MADE IN ITALY – From the olives of Calabria, water from the Italian Alps and honey from Sicily, Italy is known for its amazing natural products. Natura House Baby Natural Diaper Cream brings the pure unmistakable goodness of 100% Italian-made products right to your home.

Exp :  Dec 2024