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28days TYT CONFINEMENT HERBAL BATH ( 56 sheet / per days 2 sheet ) / MANDIAN HERBA BERSALIN

RM 219.00


Confinement Herbal Bath TYT is the modern mum’s answer to health and cleanliness during her post-natal or confinement period (usually observed by Asian women for a month after they’ve delivered their babies).

If you’ve had a normal delivery, you can bathe after 7 days. If you’ve had a Caesarean section, you can only bathe after 10 days. Although you may not bathe during your no-bath period, you are allowed to sponge yourself. You can now use Confinement Herbal Bath TYT to help you keep fresh and clean during your confinement period.

Package : total 7 box = 56 sheet 

Per days use 2 sheet 3L water