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Kombu + Garlic + Mushroom + Anchovy ( Free Baby Spoon) Baby Food Powder MommyJ Homemade

RM 76.00

1. Kombu  (Above 6 month)
- Kombu kelp is known as the King of seaweeds & Super Food with its high nutritional content.
- High in iodine, essential for thyroid functioning.
- Has a natural source of glutamic acid which enhances flavors with an umami taste (savory).

2. Garlic Powder  
-  Packed with antibacterial and antiviral properties to fight common cold, flu, pneumonia and asthma. Great for stir fry, soup, steam dishes, porridge, stew, meat marinade and almost any dish.

3.  Organic Mushroom powder 20g
- Organic Shiitake Mushroom is good for protecting our little ones against diseases and inflections (reduce inflammation). It also knows to moderate cholesterol levels, rejuvenate red blood cells, and it contains all eight essential amino acids.
- Enjoy the smoky yet earthy organic mushroom powder which is low on calories and high in fiber.

4. Premium Anchovy Powder 40g
Premium quality anchovy without head & guts being used with edible bone are blended in finely and to be consumed for greater source of Calcium.

About MommyJ  :
MommyJ Food Powder is a range of nutritious and ready to use food powders made from 100% PURE ingredients that can be easily included in little ones ` meal. Lending natural taste with a wide array of precious nutrients into little one's meal that is specially tailored for a busy parent to ease the preparation of a healthy meal!

🌹 Natural 🌹
* Organic or premium food ingredient
* Coloring / addictive free
* Flavoring agent free
* Antibiotics residue-free
* Chemical Growth promoter free

🌹 Package Powder
1. Kombu (40g)  Exp:  Jun 2022
2. Garlic (35g) Exp : Aug 2022
3. Mushroom (20g) Exp: Jan 2023
4. Anchovy (40g) Exp : Jan 2023

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