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MommyJ 100% Pure Baby Food Onion Powder (Exp:Jan2023)

RM 16.50

MommyJ Food Powder is a range of nutritious and ready to use food powders made from 100% PURE ingredients that can be easily include into little ones ` meal. Lending natural taste with wide array of precious nutrients into little ones meal that is specially tailored for busy parent to ease the preparation of a healthy meal !

MommyJ 食品粉是一系列营养丰富且即用型的食品粉,由 100% 纯成分制成,可轻松添加到小孩的膳食中。 为忙碌的父母量身定制的小餐,将天然的味道和各种珍贵的营养成分融入小餐中,轻松准备健康餐!


Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants to boost the immune system. Great for stir fry, soup, steam dishes, porridge, stew, meat marinade and almost any dish.

富含维生素 C 和抗氧化剂,可增强免疫系统。 非常适合炒菜、汤、蒸菜、粥、炖菜、肉腌料和几乎任何菜肴。

Product Package Details :  

1. 40g  

2. 6 month baby above   

3. exp : 09/2023