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MommyJ Powder Premium Scallop 40g / Premium whitebait 40g / Soy Sauce 220ml 6month baby above

RM 91.00

1. Premium Scallop Powder (40g) Exp: Jan 2023
Above 6 month
Scallop are nutrient-dense,good source of protein, Vitamin B6,E and almost no fats. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps in baby's brain, in combination with potassium and magnesium.
The scallop is proved to be a heart-friendly food as they lower triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of blood clots. It has saltwater and delicately mild flavour.

2. Premium Whitebait Powder  (40g) Exp :  Dec  2022
Know as baby anchovy that rich in minerals especially DHA (omega-3) for baby`s brain development. Highly recommended for younger babies as it is softer in texture.

3. Soy Sauce ( 220ml ) Exp : 10/2022
MommyJ® lower* sodium traditionally fermented organic soy sauce❗
✔*In comparison to previous formula, it has lowered 45% of sodium level❗

MommyJ® traditionally fermented organic soy sauce MADE FROM ONLY 5 organic INGREDIENTS : whole non-GMO soybeans, organic wheat flour, sea salt, organic sugar cane and filter water with NO ADDED fructose, plant based extract, fruit based extract ,liquor alcohol, preservatives, corn syrup, caramel and colouring.

MommyJ® Organic Soy sauce is TRADITIONALLY FERMENTED using large urns for more than 6 months.

It is the safest choice in comparison to hydrolysed soy sauce which processed through chemical process known as acid hydrolysis of defatted soy beans which takes about 3- 7 days only ; Mostly hydrolysed soy sauce developing high levels of toxic chemical 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) produced during high heat with hydrochloric acid which are known to be toxic.  

Also a healthy version compare to mixed soy sauce ( contain addictive ,extract ).

MommyJ® traditionally fermented organic soy sauce comes with UNIQUE DISPENSE CONTROL feature to ensure children above 1 year old have an adequate sodium level. Maximum level of daily sodium intake for children above 1 year old is 1000mg per day. In order to prevent excessive sodium, 3 drops (0.6ml) of organic soy sauce is enough to be added in every children’s meal which is about 33.7mg of sodium only( 3.37% of daily consumption). The children friendly soy sauce not only allow the children to taste delicious meal, but also controlling the intake of sodium and eat comfortably and healthily. Stay safe and healthy with MommyJ®.

MommyJ Food Powder is a range of nutritious and ready to use food powders made from 100% PURE ingredients that can be easily included into little one's meal. Lending natural taste with a wide array of precious nutrients into little one's meal that is specially tailored for a busy parent to ease the preparation of a healthy meal!

🌹Easily Digested 🌹
* Superfine powder
* Good absorption of nutrient

🌹 Natural 🌹
* Organic or premium food ingredient
* Coloring / addictive free
* Flavoring agent free
* Antibiotics residue-free
* Chemical Growth promoter free

🌹 Package Powder
1. Premium whitebait  - 40g
2. Premium Scallop - 40g
3. Soy Sauce 220ml

Exp : Sep 2023