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Baby Silicone Spoon Soft Food Grade Feeding BPA Free Non Toxic Easy Clean Porridge Sudu Bayi Makan Bubur

RM 8.90

Baby Silicone Spoon is suitable for babies when they start to take solid food. The material is soft (gum friendly) and it does not deform, making the spoon really long lasting. It has high heat resistant, can be disinfected in boiling water and also very easy to clean. Materials used to make this spoon are high quality food grade silicone and non toxic, safe to use when nursing babies.


- Food Grade Silicone Material Tip
- Food Grade Support Handle
 - Non Toxic, BPA Free
- High Heat Resistant & Can Be Disinfected In Boiling Water
- Easy Clean
- Soft Tip Gum Friendly
- Fits Baby Mouth Perfectly
- Non Slip Design
- Flexible And Do Not Deform
- Suitable For Porridge, Puree, Fruits And Etc
- Long Lasting

Packaging - 1 unit of Baby Silicone Fork and Spoon