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Breast Milk Collector and Nipple Shield Case

RM 22.00

1. Our nursing cups are designed to be used with any bra, collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse, pump or while performing your daily activities, allowing you to effortlessly save your precious milkies.

2. Contains 2 Extra soft and flexible contact nursing or nipple shields in a portable storage.

3. Breastfeeding out weighs almost any other discomfort, the pain associated with it, especially in the presence of sore, cracked or chaffed nipples is better left imagined. The contact nipple shield acts as a barrier during sucking thus relieving this pain. Allowing milk to continually drip into the milk savers, rather than pushed against a nursing pad, reduces the likelihood of engorgement another source of pain in breastfeeding.

4. It provides relief from the latch on problems to flat or inverted nipples. While the milk Collector fits discreetly into your bra, does not affect appearance, and protects sore nipples from friction, while reducing the risk for engorgements.