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Bubbles Breast Milk Storage Bag 3.4 oz (100ml x 25 Bags)

RM 9.00

Product details of Bubbles Breast Milk Storage Bag (100ml x 25 Bags)

  • Bubbles Breast Milk Storage Bag (100ml x 25 Bags)
  •  This bag is BPA Free and size 3.4oz/100ml Food grade material, perfect for breastmilk storage
  •  Thermal Sensors to indicate the correct milk temperature
  • Can be warm directly in the electric bottle warmer
  •  Double Zip Lock to prevent any leakage
  •  Self-standing bottom
  • Professional designed look with designated area to mark Name, Date and Volume
  •  Recommended for refrigerator or freezer storage
  •  Marking in oz/ml for accurate measurementGuide for Thermal Sensor
  •  Please double check the temperature before feeding
  •  The thermal sensors serve as guidance only
  •  Bubbles breastmilk storage bags can be heated directly in food and bottle warmer at 40 degrees

  • Directions:

1. Wash hands thoroughly before handling bags

2. Pull out single breast milk storage bag from the package

3. Mark the bag with the date before filling breast milk

4. Hold the bag between fingers below the perforations and gently pull apart

5. Carefully pour expressed breast milk into bag then reseal for storage

6. Wipe the exterior of the bag dry before storage in refrigerator or freezer

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