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Cute Baby Wide Mouth Nipple

RM 14.90

Wide Mouth Nipple :

    > Liquid silicone nipple 

    > Mother`s breasts simulation design

    > Anti-colic effectively

Product Description :

The nipple is made of refined liquid silicone rubber which is super soft and reaches food grade. It can resist the temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. The open design on both sides can effectively reduce the quantity of air blended into the milk and formed bubbles.

About Sterilization :

Boiling water sterilization (2-3minutes) steam sterilization,medication sterilization.

Attentions :

Before first use, please sterilize the products. Boiling for a long time will reduce the lifespan of the products. Please use the special medicine to sterilize the products. Please check the nipple regularly , if damaged, please change it immediately. It`s better and normal to change the nipple in 2-4 weeks.

* The nipple have the funtion can prevention of expansion valve.If the air pressure reduced in the bottle ,the valve will open automatically,then the air will enter into the bottle,keep the appropriate pressure,the baby can continuos and natural to drink, and the nipple will not become deformed.

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