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Dr.Brown's Twin-pack 150ml FREE Wide-Neck Anti-Colic Bottle Baby Breastmilk PP Bottle BPA Free

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Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Wide-Neck Bottle 0m+ 150ml is a wide-mouth baby bottle clinically designed to prevent colic, reflux and gas. Specifically, this baby utensil is suitable for newborns from 0 months of age. That said, this bottle has a patented ventilation system that actually corresponds to a device that is inside the bottle. In this way, it allows the air to enter through the bottle screw and to circulate directly to this internal system. Then, the air ends up passing through the ventilation tube to the bottom of the bottle and thus avoiding the negative pressure normally felt in bottles due to vacuum. Furthermore, this method allows the baby to feed comfortably as the milk flows freely as in the mother's breast.

In summary, this baby bottle has a system with numerous advantages. In this sense, not only does it prevent the baby from ingesting air in order to avoid gas, colic, or burping, but it also helps him sleep better. Moreover, since the ventilation system prevents breast milk from being exposed to the air, it does not oxidize its vitamins A, C, and E or lipids. Finally, babies from zero months have a lower risk of otitis due to the lack of pressure. In addition to all these benefits, this baby bottle is safe for everyone as it is lead-free and is BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free.

Dr. Brown 的 Options+ 抗绞痛宽颈奶瓶 0m+ 150ml 是一款临床设计用于预防绞痛、反流和胀气的广口婴儿奶瓶。具体来说,这款婴儿用具适用于 0 个月大的新生儿。也就是说,这个瓶子有一个获得专利的通风系统,实际上对应于瓶子内部的一个设备。通过这种方式,它允许空气通过瓶子螺杆进入并直接循环到这个内部系统。然后,空气最终通过通风管到达瓶子底部,从而避免了由于真空而在瓶子中通常感受到的负压。此外,这种方法可以让婴儿在母乳中自由流动时舒适地喂奶。

总而言之,这款婴儿奶瓶具有众多优点的系统。从这个意义上说,它不仅可以防止婴儿吸入空气以避免胀气、绞痛或打嗝,还可以帮助他睡得更好。此外,由于通风系统可防止母乳暴露在空气中,因此不会氧化其维生素 A、C 和 E 或脂质。最后,由于缺乏压力,零个月的婴儿患中耳炎的风险较低。除了所有这些好处之外,这款婴儿奶瓶对每个人都是安全的,因为它不含铅,不含 BPA、邻苯二甲酸盐和 PVC。

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