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Earth Mama Organic Belly Oil 120ml for pregnancy Mother / skin care / Sensitive Skin

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Lots of mama parts grow and stretch to accommodate a baby. Earth Mama’s Belly Oil moisturizes and comforts your gloriously expanding (and often uncomfortable) belly — along with your hips, breasts and thighs — with a proprietary blend of luxe herb-infused oils. Nourishing organic calendula, organic jojoba oil, organic borage oil and orange blossom pure essential oil combine to help ease the appearance of emerging stretch marks. Light and easily absorbable, Belly Oil helps nourish and encourage skin's natural elasticity and the delicate scent won't aggravate occasional morning sickness. It’s moisturizing for after shower or bath, and great news – you can still use it when you’re not pregnant!


It’s YOU time! Massage a generous amount of Belly Oil onto any of your expanding bits north to south. Realize your growing skin is miraculous. Send it some love. And repeat ad infinitum.

  • NO petroleum, mineral oil, parabens or artificial fragrance
  • Rated ONE on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, the lowest hazard rating a product can achieve.
  • Helps comfort skin and stretch marks
  • Love Belly Butter? Use Belly Oil when you prefer a body oil version!

许多妈妈的部分成长并伸展以容纳婴儿。 Earth Mama的腹部精油采用专有草药精油混合而成,可滋润和舒缓光荣扩张(通常不舒服)的腹部以及臀部,胸部和大腿。 滋养有机金盏花,有机荷荷巴油,有机琉璃苣油和橙花纯香精油可帮助缓解新兴妊娠纹的出现。 肚皮油质轻且易于吸收,有助于滋养和促进皮肤的自然弹性,细腻的香气不会加剧偶尔的孕吐。 洗完澡后可以保湿,这是个好消息-当您不怀孕时仍然可以使用它!

是你的时间! Belly Oil按摩到您的任何扩展位上。 意识到您不断成长的皮肤是奇迹。 给它一些爱。 并无限重复。

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