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Electric Balloon Pump Air Balloon Pump Electric Balloon Inflator Portable Air Blower 110V or 220V

RM 79.00


  • Easy To operate 
  • High-Pressure
  • Two Operation Mode - comtinuous and Touch-On
  • Voltage-Ac 230v
  • Frequency-50Hz


  • Ac Power must be attention specification when used.
  • Do Not exceed 2hours of continuous operation.
  • Do not use under wet conditions 
  • Never look inyo or point the inflate opening toward your eyes while pump is operating
  • Inflation port never should be obstructed otherwise could overheat and damage pump.

Operating Instructions:

  • Pinch Two sides of mouth of balloon with your fingers
  • Cover inflation port with balloon 
  • Inflate balloon by pushing inflation port down 
  • Release inflation port when balloon size is suittable

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