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Gnubkins Fibre Glider Baby Food Rice Mixed 520g ( 7 month baby and above )

RM 17.90

Jointly formulated by a Certified Nutritionist together with a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, Fibre Glider is aimed at promoting healthy bowel movement among babies. 

✔️Can be cooked as porridge or rice
✔️For 7 months till toddler
✔️Safe to consume daily
✔️Recommended for babies with constipation or to maintain good bowel movement
✔️Soak at least 15 minutes before cooking
✔️Fast cooking, cooking on stove takes about 15-20 minutes

Purchase this product together with our Premium Brown Rice & Non-GMO Beetroot Instant Cereal to standby for busy days/emergencies or as a healthy breakfast meal/snack. Grab our Multi-Compartment Container to store the grains!

Important Note: This product may contain rice husks. Kindly take care to wash thoroughly and remove rice husks before serving to baby. 


WE ARE THE BABY RICE EXPERTS!!!🎓🎓🎓 Little Baby Grains has ALL the right grains for your baby!

❤️BASIC Range - An affordable range for everyone to enjoy, easy on the pocket, naturally sweet and fluffy, without compromising on nutrition
💖PREMIUM Range - Limited production pesticide-free grains from Borneo, cute and mini-sized and soft!
👩‍🔬NUTRITIONIST FORMULATED Range - Specially formulated by a Certified Nutritionist to maintain baby's overall health and also address specific concerns such as constipation, allergies, picky eaters, colic and premature baby

Fiber Glider 由认证营养师和 Dr. Sears 认证健康教练共同配制,旨在促进婴儿健康的排便。





我们是婴儿米专家!!!🎓🎓🎓 Little Baby Grains 为您的宝宝提供所有合适的谷物!

❤️BASIC 系列 - 每个人都可以享受的负担得起的系列,放在口袋里,自然甜美蓬松,不影响营养
💖优质系列 - 来自婆罗洲的限量生产无农药谷物,可爱又迷你又柔软!
👩‍🔬营养师配方系列 - 由认证营养师专门配制,以维持宝宝的整体健康,并解决便秘、过敏、挑食、绞痛和早产儿等特定问题