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INTELLIGENT Electric Breast Pump Intelligent Double Electric Bpa Free Bottle (3month warranty)

RM 99.00

💟Best Benefit💟
     1. 100% PP Materials
     2. 150ml PP Bottle 120'C
     3. 3D Message Cushion
     4. BPA FREE
    5. Double Electric Breast Pump
    6. USB Connect Powerbank
    7. 3 month warranty
    8. 1 to 1 exchange

Product Introductions

This automatic breast pump has a unique design that allow you to maintain a more comfortable milking posture.Soft massage pad design provides soft and warm feeling, and can imitate the baby sucking action, make the milk quietly, comfortably, gentle and quickly flow out. The breast pump is compact, easy to assemble, and the component can be cleaned with dishwasher without bisphenol A.Asbreast feeding experts say, breast milk is the best nutritional food for infants under one year old. Babies after six month of birth can continue to breastfeed and gradually add some complementary food. Breast milk is especially suitable for the baby`s need , and the antibodies can protect the baby from infection and allergy. Breast pump can help you prolong the duration of breastfeeding. You can pump milk first and store it up. Even if you can`t breastfeed yourself, your baby can still enjoy your milk because of its compact size, the breast pump is very hidden during milk sucking, so you can carry it with you, pump milk at a convenient time, and provide milk for your baby.

Common Problem Solutions

  • Lack of suction 

Check whether the breast pump components are correctly assembled and the duckbill valve is damaged or not(note do not rub hard when cleaning) Make sure that the silicone cylinder and the silicone cup are firmly attached to the main  body of the breast of the breast pump to achieve the ideal state of seal .

  • Unable to suck milk

Ensure adequate suction and complete assembly of the breast pump. Relax and try again.After repearted attempts you may be able to squeeze milk. Please refer to Successful Milk Sucking Tips.

  • Breast pain when milking 

Maybe excessive force in sucking, you do not need to use the full suction breast pump can produce, you do not need to use first use low grade of the ref light mode to massage and stimulate, then switch to breast pump mode you can also consult a health specialist or a breastfeeding specialist.

About Breast Pump

when to suck milk ?

Recommend (unless the baby Specialist/breastfeeding experts have other suggestions) waiting until the milk secretion and lactation time become regular (at least 2 to 4 weeks after the baby is born)


You have to breastfeed your baby in the hospital .

When breasts hurt (pain or distending pain), you can suck a small amount of milk before feeding or between  two feedings, in order to relieve pain help the baby more easily suck breast milk.

When the nipple is painful or ruptured ypu may want to continue sucking before the nipple heals.

Temporarily separated from the baby, but hoping to continue breast feeding in the reunion, you should keep sucking breast milk regularly to stimulate milk secretion to stimulate milk secretion.

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