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Kireina K5 Handsfree Breast Pump - 1yrs warranty / Pump susu handsfree / breastfeeding handsfree breast pump

RM 199.00

The Kireina Advanced Breast Pump – the ultimate solution for busy moms who want to express milk quickly and efficiently. With a powerful suction of up to Level 12 and four customizable modes, this breast pump allows you to tailor your pumping sessions to your unique needs. Its 2200mAh battery ensures that you can pump on the go, without any interruptions.

Whether you're returning to work, traveling, or just need a break from nursing, our breast pump is the perfect solution. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and inefficient pumping sessions and hello to a new, easier way to express milk. With the Kireina Advanced Breast Pump, you can easily express milk anytime, anywhere.

Order your breast pump today and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience for your breastfeeding journey.

Simple Feature : -

    - Small and Light

   - 4 Phase Mode

   - 2 Hours of Use

   - Automatic Shut Down (30minutes)

   - Battery Built-In 2200mAh

   - 1 year warranty 

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