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Gnubkins Let's Eat from 6 months (BASIC Range) BABY FOOD Natural Medium grain White Rice 100% natural grains

RM 11.90

A soft and simple meal for your little one. Purchase this product together with our Multi-Compartment Container!

Kickstart your baby's solids with natural medium grain white rice from our BASIC range. The BASIC range gives you value for money while ensuring that age-appropriate grains are introduced to your little ones at the right time.

✔️For 6 months onwards
✔️Can be cooked as porridge or rice
✔️Soft, fluffy and naturally sweet
✔️Easy to cook, just like cooking normal porridge!
✔️Fast cooking, cooking on stove takes about 15 minutes


WE ARE THE BABY RICE EXPERTS!!!🎓🎓🎓 Little Baby Grains has ALL the right grains for your baby!

❤️BASIC Range - An affordable range for everyone to enjoy, easy on the pocket, naturally sweet and fluffy, without compromising on nutrition
💖PREMIUM Range - Limited production pesticide-free grains from Borneo, cute and mini-sized and soft!
👩‍🔬NUTRITIONIST FORMULATED Range - Specially formulated by a Certified Nutritionist to maintain baby's overall health and also address specific concerns such as constipation, allergies, picky eaters, colic and premature baby