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Luxury Round Ivory white Natural Baby Wooden Crib Multifunction Baby Cot

RM 1,299.00

Feature: Eco-friendly Materials
Certificate: EN Certification
Color: White wood color
Style:  Luxury Baby Furniture

Size : 123*68*76 cm 

Function : 

 - Newborn Baby 

 - Diaper Table

 - Infant Baby Cot

 -  Combined Mother bed

 - Longer Children Bed

 - Juvenile Table and chair

Sayang BB House is Online Platfrom at Selangor one stop online store , Specialise selling baby cot more than 3 year experienced installation and service maintance service baby cot.
Available service location : Klang Valley
Breastfeeding Machine and tools available
YES , We shared Breastfeeding knowledge. Breastfeeding practices include the timing and initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, giving of pre lacteal feeds, breastfeeding on demand and giving of supplementary feeds..
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