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Manual Breast Pump Powerful Baby Nipple Suction 150ml Feeding Milk Bottles RH198

RM 39.00

💟Best Benefit

  • PP Nipple
  • 150ml PP Bottle 120'C
  • 3D Message Cushion

💟Using Notice

  1. Breast less stage using breast pump, please follow the guidance of doctor.
  2. When disassembling or assembling, assemble each part in accordance with the assembly sequence.
  3. Please put this product in the place that infants and young children is not easy to contact.
  4. According to individual physical control suction size, with the most comfortable suction complete suction work.
  5. Do not over suck breast  milk to prevent breast injury.
  6. If you cause severe pain during use, consult your health care provider immediately.
  7. Do not use this product as open breast milk instrument, the breast pump is a tool to help postpartum mother alleviate the pain of engorged breasts  and prolong the time breast feeding. The use of the premise is that it has plenty of lactic and smooth  mammary gland. A part of the new mother`s mammary gland is usually not smooth ( some of them are caused by congenital nipple retraction ) or lactic deficiency, so it is recommended that the first id to check the breast professionally  to confirm the lactic  is normal and the mammary gland is smooth, the you can use breast pump.
  8. Before use please confirm whether the parts are  right and tight.
  9. Please clean and disinfect parts before use, after use clean immediately and keep dry.
  10. This product is for the function of this manual only.
  11. If there is a smell of the residual material that is a normal phenomenon. Please clean the product  in accordance with the cleaning method before the first use, which can effectively reduce or eliminate the residual door.

💟Warm the breast milk

After thawing, warm with milk heater or warm water, don`t use microwave of boiling water to prevent nutritional loss. Breast milk can feed the baby after heating. 

 💟Cleaning and disinfecting method

  1. All parts can be  disinfected, disinfection is recommended using professional sterilizer.
  2. Silicone parts please use soft sponge cleaning, rough cleaning easy to cause damage or scratches.
  3. If there is no professional sterilizer, disinfection components should be disinfected in boiling water for 5 minutes, please don`t  touch the bottom of hot pot avoid lead damage of the components.

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