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MommyJ 100% Natural Baby Food Pure Rice Puffs Real Banana / Apple / Blueberry

RM 16.00


  •  Non Oil fried,Retain Utmost Nutrition
  •  No Sugar and salt  Added
  •  No Artificial Colouring Added
  •  Best Finger food For Little Ones
  •  Encourage Pick Up Skills,Self-Feeds Skill
  •  Fresh & Pure Ingredients,Original Taste for Baby
  •  Travel Friendly Conveniently Consume In Smaller Pack
  •  SGS test approved , Halal , Made in Malaysia

The principle of production to make the rice puff is by rapidly decompressing the raw material under pressure. The structure of the baby rice cake is porous and fluffy, the taste is crispy and crisp, and it has certain nutritional value, which is very popular among children. Due to the baby's healthy development needs, the rice puff is mixed with pure natural fruits, rich in vitamins and calcium, which promotes the development of the baby's bones and teeth and has a variety of flavours. 

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