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MommyJ Natural Kombu 40g ( Exp : Jan 2023 ) Baby Food Powder

RM 23.00

MommyJ Food Powder is a range of nutritious and ready to use food powders made from 100% PURE ingredients that can be easily included in little ones ` meal. Lending natural taste with a wide array of precious nutrients into little one's meal that is specially tailored for a busy parent to ease the preparation of a healthy meal!

1. Kombu kelp is known as the King of seaweeds & Super Food with its high nutritional content.
2. High in iodine, essential for thyroid functioning.
3. Has a natural source of glutamic acid which enhances flavours with an umami taste (savoury).

Package detail :-
  1.  1 bottle - 40gms

Features  : -
   - Quick & Healthy
   - Travel Friendly
  - Coloring / addictive free
  - Flavoring agent free
  - Chemical Growth promoter free

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