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Baby Food Powder MommyJ Package baby Powder Garlic + Chicken + Anchovy and (free baby puzzle) above baby 6 month

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1. Anchovy Description:

Attentive selection of edible bone quality anchovies without head and guts being used are blended finely.It has greater source of calcium which help in building strong bones and teeth

Anchovy is one of the top food for baby due to its health benefits such a health heart,prevent toxicity.

Anchovy taste stronger , compare to whitebait,preferably for stronger taste bud.

2. Garlic - Garlic helps fight common cold, fever, flu, pnuemonia, asthma, and many other respiratory problems with its antibacteria and antiviral properties. Regulate the growth of infection causing bacteria with its antimicrobial properties.

 3. Chicken -  Best source of lean  meat protein which help in child`s muscle growth and development. It has fewer amount of saturated fats but plentiful mineral ans vitamins.

MommyJ Food Powder is a range of nutritious and ready to use food powders made from 100% PURE ingredients that can be easily include into little ones ` meal. Lending natural taste with wide array of precious nutrients into little ones meal that is specially tailored for busy parent to ease the preparation of a healthy meal !

Quick & Healthy

* Tailored for busy mother

* Wide range of nutrients

Travel Friendly

Convenient & long lasting

* Avoid Unhygienic take out food / packaged food

* Time saving in search of food ingredient abroad 

Easily Digested 

Superfine powder

* Good absorption of nutrient


* Organic or premium food ingredient 

* Coloring / addictive free 

* Flavoring agent free

* Antibiotics residue free 

* Chemical Growth promoter free 

Easily Disguised

* Solution to fussy eaters

* Cultivate good eating behavior 

Package Powder

Garlic + Chicken + Anchovy (free baby puzzle)

Package Detail 

 (35g)   Garlic (L) 9cm, (H) 10cm, (W) 8cm         

(40g)    Chicken (L) 9cm, (H) 10cm, (W) 8cm

(100g)  Anchovy (L) cm, (H) cm, (W)

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