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Phanpy Rechargeable Wearable Breast Pump Wearable Hands-Free Portable

RM 179.00

Colour : Orange
Suction Cycle (RPM)
Stimulation : 100-110/min
Expression : 25-80/min
Built In Battery 1200mAH ( Can use 4-5time)
Power : 5W
Size : 20mm PP , 24mm PP  and 24mm silicone cushion ( 3size )
Capacity : 150ml
Packaging : Giftbox size: 270*10.6*181mm

1. The original "Newcup" is small and exquisite, the capacity is greatly increased, invisible wear, can freely pump at any time

2. Innovative all-in-one design, the main pump unit is connected to the Newcup body, with fewer parts and simpler parts. It can be worn directly in the breastfeeding bra and fits the breast without any gaps, so that it can be a true hand-free pumping and collecting milk

3. Divided into 5 levels of stimulation mode and 5 levels of expression mode, 25 modes can be combined and matched at will to achieve painless breast pumping

4. The breast shield 112° super wide-angle, curved elliptical shield mouth, all-round covering the breast, perfectly fit all kinds of breast shapes

5. Two breast shield sizes of 20mm and 24mm are suitable for mothers of all nipple sizes, reducing the pain caused by discomfort in caliber

6. Using advanced pumping technology, the main pump unit runs ultra-quietly, solving the noise problem caused by traditional machinery

7. Anti-backflow design to avoid backflow or overflow of milk or damage to the main pump unit, allowing mothers to use it at ease

8. Extremely simple design structure, reduce complicated parts, improve air tightness, quick disassembly and quick assembly, realize light and portable, worry-free breastfeeding

9. Built-in 1200mAh environmentally friendly rechargeable lithium battery, fully charged can use 2-4 cycles

10. The main pump unit is connected to the Newcup, which can store fresh breast milk immediately after inhalation, 150ml large capacity

11.  Adopt black technology memory function, automatically memorize the last used level, no need to reset