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Newborn Baby Towel Appease Grasping Soft Comforting Doll Plush Sheep Elephant infant face towel Storage candy bag

RM 29.90

 Plush elephant lamb soothing towel candy bag 

The plush appease towel uses the cute cartoon elephant and lamb as the image,  the baby can easily accept it, the head builtin ring box, shake the bell ring, can make the comforting towel at the same time.

  • You can also make a small toy. The comforting towel is designed with a pocket that can be hung on the crib or the stroller. 
  • When the candy bag is used in a small storage bag, the fabric is soft and comfortable. 
  • It can be washed without fading and lintfree. It does not contain fluorescent agents. 
  • Bring to the baby to play; fresh and sweet print pattern, facial embroidery, increase the overall texture of the comforting towel, is a practical baby plush toy supplie


Size: 30cm x 18cm 

Weight:  75g 

Brand: BBSKY 

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