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Real Bubee Baby Bottle Warmer BPA FREE Portable Baby Milk Warmer Milk Heater Anti Bacteria

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Baby`s best food temperature is 37`C - 42`C, because the temperature of breast milk is about 40`C, just suitable for baby`s taste and stomach, and cold goods food will hurt the baby`s tender stomach, Its easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases) affecting the development of the background. All baby formulas will be marked on the package: 'Its recommended to use 40 degrees of warm water to adjust milk.' This product uses constant temperature and warm water to conduct heat more evenly and quickly. Compared with traditional heating and microwave heating methods, it can more easily grasp the appropriate temperature for heating and completely protect the nutrients of baby food such as breast milk and formula.



Pour the right amount of water into the warm milk device. Put the milk bottle in the warm milk bottle, turn the temperature control knob to the position of the warm milk, the knob red light, prompt The heat is in progress. After about 4 minutes , when the water temperature in the warm milker reaches the set temperature, the knob green light is on, prompting to enter the heat preservation state. According to the different of the room temperature of the consumer environment, the machine is allowed to be designed. Fine-tuning range, if the initial use finds that the temperature is too good , adjust the knob to the left (desuperheat) or right (warm) in the range shown on the right to ensure the best result.


Put the right amount of water into the warm milk bottle. Put the sealed packaged food or the bowl with the complementary food sealed into the warm milk bottle, turn the temperature control knob to the heating position, and turn the red light to indicate the heating. Processing. After about 10 minutes, when the water temperature of the warm milker reaches the set temperature, the knob green light will be on, prompting to enter the heat preservation state.


Pour approximately 120-150 ML into the warm milk device. Put the sterilized small items (such as nipple spoons, etc.) into the warm milk bottle , cover the transparent cover and  turn the knob to the disinfection position. The red light of the knob lights up, indicating, the water is boiled. At this time, the warm milk device enters the disinfection working state, and the steam sterilization temperature is 100`C. The water with the hot plate type is green light at the same time. If the disinfection time is too long or no disinfection is required, please After the steaming is done the warm milk device will automatically stop working and the knob will be turned to the OFF state.


When the temperature is lower than the rated temperature and exceeds the rated temperature, the red light of the knob will be on until the rated temperature is reached. The product adopts the constant temperature and energy-saving design, the green light of the warm milk heater knob is on , the heating is stopped; when the temperature is rated, the heat and the product will be re-energized. After a minute, the water temperature in the warm milk device reaches the rated temperature; it enters the automatic constant temperature state; after 1 minute, the milk in the bottle reaches the rated temperature of 37-42`C. It is recommended to use boiled or filtered water for heating . Try to avoid boiling water in the warm milk to reduce scale formation. Long -term accumulation of scale will affect the efficiency of use of warm milk. Long-term constant temperature heating will degrade milk or food . It is recommended not to exceed 2 hours. If the formula needs a long time of heat preservation, it is recommended to inject warm water into the bottle. Then put it in a warm bottle for constant temperature heating. Add milk powder and stir. do not pour milk, beverages, food directly into the warm milk device for heating . Do not wash the warm milk bottle in the water or spray it on the body. Please wipe the product with a clean, damp cotton cloth. Do bot disassemble  the repair yourself. Handle it to the manufacturer or supplier. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department to avoid danger.

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