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Baby Spoon Silicone Weaning Bottle Witth LSR Spoon (120ml) ( 6 month & Above )

RM 35.00


  • 6+ months
  • Soft and easy squeez bottle with spoon
  • Helps baby learn textures and experience eating from spoon without the mess of scooping
  • Suitable for the first stage of weaning with juice, soup or soft solids
  • Allows mother to feed easily and smoothly
  • When you squeeze the bottle, the contents will flow slowly into the spoon. It allows you to feed easily and smoothly
  • Ideal for introducing baby to spoon feeding, bottle can be sterilized, cleaning brush is included
  • BPA Free
  • Recomended age:6 month above


  • PolyPropylene(PP)


  • 120ml