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SoftLove Smart Pants Baby Diapers - M L XL XXL

RM 37.90

Benefits :

* Super comfort Fit pants with soft stretchable waistband to prevent red-marks, ensures the perfect fit everytime. Build especially for adventurous baby.
* Free from ALLERGENS ( 0% Chlorine, Bleaching, Parabens, Latex & Fragrance)
* Fast drying and soft cover, all thanks to Super Absorbency technology from Japan.
* Triple Leak Guard ensuring 360° Protection, no more worries.
* Build in Wetness Indicator, so that you always know the exact moment for a diaper change.

Manufacturing Tech:

  • ADL (Re-Distribution Layer) 
  • Designed in the USA Wetness Indicator 
  • Designed in the USA Special SAP (Fast More Absorbency) 
  • Imported from Japan Hot-melt Glue 
  • From France & Germany Breathable Back Sheet Cover 
  • Designed in USA ADL (Re-Distribution Layer) 
  • Designed in USA Velcro Tape
  • Designed in USA  

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