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Gnubkins The Ultimate Eating Milestones for Your Baby

RM 29.90

A unique box containing FIFTY milestone cards and not just any milestones - these are EATING milestones!

What are milestones? A milestone is a significant event or phase in your baby's life, which should be celebrated and captured as a sweet memory for you and your little one! 

More than just milestone cards! In this box set, not only do you record your baby's eating milestones, we also provide you with the following:

1. Did you know that there are FIVE different categories of feeding milestones throughout your baby's feeding journey? The 50 milestone cards in this set are divided into these 5 categories for you to celebrate with your little one.

2. A crucial guide for every parent. From the moment your baby starts eating solids, these cards will guide you through each stage with pointers on what to expect, things to look out for and potential areas of concern.

3. Customisable milestones! Every baby is a unique individual, which is why this set contains customisable milestone cards to capture your baby's special moments and their reactions!

4. Incredible designs! Nobody wants a generic card, which is why we have specially designed every single card to fit the milestone, each starring its own animal in an adorable scene! You'll not find this elsewhere!

5. Not 20, not 40 but FIFTY milestones!!! There are so many milestones for you to look forward to as your baby discovers the world of solids and with 50 milestone cards in this set, we want to ensure you enjoy the full breadth of this experience with your baby!