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TYT Ginger Tea Red Dates 文冬姜汁、红枣汁

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Enjoy the familiar spicy Bentong ginger taste with added benefits of red dates in this harmonious blend.


⭐ Relieves colds and warms up the body 缓解感冒、驱散风寒
⭐ Prevents bloated stomach and flatulence 防止肠胃胀气
⭐ Relieves indigestion 促进消化
⭐ Boosts the immune system 增强免疫力
⭐ Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels 降低胆固醇、血糖
⭐ Reduces risk of heart-related illnesses 减少心脏疾病的风险
⭐ Improves blood circulation 改善血液循环
⭐ Nourishes blood to revitalise overall body wellness 益气补血
⭐ Protects the liver 保护肝脏

Product Details

Weight 15g × 8 sachets


Bentong ginger extract, red date extract, cane sugar


Directions for Use

Pour one (1) sachet of Cold-Pressed Ginger with Red Dates into 150-200ml of warm water. Stir well until granules dissolve and serve warm.