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TYT Healthy Herbal Ginger Tea Original Lemongrass Red Dated (8 sachets) x 15g 原味 香茅 红枣 姜茶 蔗糖 文冬姜 Teh Halia Bentong

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TYT Healthy Herbal Ginger Tea Original Lemongrass Red Dated 

原味 香茅 红枣 姜茶 蔗糖 文冬姜 

Teh Halia Bentong

(8 sachets) x 15g 

A traditional cold-pressed ginger drink made with local Bentong Ginger. Packed in sachets of 8 per box for your convenience. Description Enjoy the aromatic spicy taste of Bentong ginger in this warm, comforting beverage. Our traditional Cold-Pressed Ginger is made with fresh local Bentong ginger extract and organic cane sugar. It has less sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colours, and no artificial flavouring — 

100% safe and healthy for the entire family. Bentong ginger is spicier and more aromatic than normal ginger. Grown in the local mountain regions of Pahang, Bentong ginger has a higher amount of gingerol, which is what makes it spicier and more beneficial for alleviating wind, digestive problems, and nausea.

Benefits ⭐ 

Relieves colds and warms up the body 缓解感冒、驱散风寒 

⭐ Prevents bloated stomach and flatulence 防止肠胃胀气 

⭐ Relieves indigestion 促进消化 

⭐ Boosts the immune system 增强免疫力 

⭐ Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels 降低胆固醇、血糖 

⭐ Reduces risk of heart-related illnesses 减少心脏疾病的风险  

Ingredients Bentong ginger extract, cane sugar 文冬姜汁、有机蔗糖 

Directions for Use Pour one (1) sachet of Cold-Pressed Ginger into 150-200ml of warm water. Stir well until granules dissolve and serve warm.