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Xin jing Milk Booster for breastfeeding moms Red Dates / Chinese Date / Kurma Merah / Kurma Jujube

RM 5.90

❤ Ready stock RED DATES, post out from KL.
❤ Price is for 500g (if you buy 2 of the same grade, you may receive 1kg in one packet)
❤ Photos and description prepared by XCOCONUT, please do not copy. TQ.

❤ Natural, no additive, no sulphur
❤ Common Names: Jujube, Red Date, Chinese Date, Kurma Merah, Kurma Cina, Kurma Jujube
❤ Origin: Xin Jiang, China
❤ Grade/ Size: Grade 4, 3, 2, 1, Special
❤ The Grade/ Size Comparison Photo is taken from our actual stock, bigger size = sweeter taste

❤ Red dates are used in Chinese and Korean traditional medicine
❤ Alleviate stress, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory
❤ Contains antioxidant and wound healing properties
❤ Milk booster for breastfeeding moms

❤ Dried red dates can be eaten as snack along with its peel. The seeds are removed.
❤ The taste is pleasantly sweet.
❤ Dried red dates are often infused in hot water with goji berries to make herbal tea.
❤ Dried red dates are also added to soup and sweet soup to enhance the soup’s flavour.

❤ Keep sealed and store in a cool and dry place.
❤ Dried red dates last a long time if well kept. They will gradually become drier, shrink in size, more wrinkly and become darker red but still edible.